[showcase] by substrakt

[showcase] brings the show home. keeps the band playing. builds your digital audience.

[showcase] builds your digital audience.

Monetise your digital content with your own branded streaming platform, integrated with Spektrix or Tessitura.

A user-friendly platform that allows cultural organisations to distribute digital content, manage customer data, control viewing access, and activate new revenue streams.

Features Demo

Mockup of MCC Theatre branded showcase product on tablet & iphone

✨ Features

Cultural organisations are navigating a new and unfamiliar world of curating online performances and events – but one that is full of opportunity.

To help organisations provide compelling digital experiences for their existing and new audiences we have developed [showcase] by substrakt.

If you’d like to get more details just drop us an email: [email protected].

Mockup of showcase product on laptop

Integrates with both Tessitura and Spektrix

You stay in control of your customer data

Simple, straightforward design and navigation

An easy, rewarding experience for your viewers

Safe and secure access to content

Content cannot be shared on other platforms

One-off, rental, and subscription models of access

Flexibility to manage your events

Customised look and feel

A digital extension of your brand and familiarity for your audiences

Quick two-step checkout

Make paying for content as easy as possible for your viewers

This is the world we have to figure out now. Let’s get excited about this. Let’s get excited about the possibility of reaching audiences who have never had physical access to our theatre before, and also reach audiences who had physical access to our theatre but don’t have physical access to ANY theatre now.
— Will Cantler, Artistic Director - MCC Theater, New York

What does it cost?

Our clients and partners are arts and cultural organisations. We understand for some it is a challenging financial time and resources are tight. We firmly believe enabling digital content delivery is an evolution and opportunity to reach new audiences; to develop new revenue streams and to extend and enhance cultural experiences.

We can offer you flexibility in fee structures so you can go ahead and launch your service and start engaging loyal and new audiences.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can best support you: [email protected].

Mockup of showcase product on iPhone

Option A

Larger upfront investment with reduced ongoing costs.

For organisations with an existing digital audience and back catalogue of content, or well-developed plans to produce content in the short/medium term.

Option B

Reduced upfront investment but some (monthly) ongoing costs.

For organisations who are starting out on their digital content journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    [showcase] by substrakt is a standalone application that sits on a subdomain of your website (e.g. content.yoursite.com).

  • Does it connect to my existing CRM system?

    Yes, [showcase] by substrakt integrates with both Spektrix and Tessitura so that customers only need to use/remember one set of login credentials (the same login details they use on your ‘main’ site). This also means customer attributes (e.g. an individual’s membership level/status) can be used to grant access to content – removing the need to pay. It will also record transaction data back into your CRM database against the relevant customer record.

  • How are payments managed?

    [showcase] by substrakt integrates with Stripe, a highly robust, user-friendly, and flexible payment solution to process customer payments for one-off access to content. Stripe is a complete payment solution, so doesn’t need to integrate with an existing merchant account, or get approval from your acquiring bank. You just need to supply the account number and sort code for the relevant business account you want the money to be paid into, and you’ll receive the payments in a similar way to if you were receiving invoice payments over BACS.

  • Where do I upload my videos?

    You use Vimeo Enterprise or Vimeo OTT to restrict embeds of your videos to specific domains meaning your content can't be shared outside the product. Or we have developed our own [showreel] solution that can be used, get in touch for more details: [email protected].

  • Where is the application hosted?

    The application is cloud-hosted using Heroku and Amazon Web Service (AWS). Cloud hosting ensures we can flex as your audience demands - you have an incredibly popular live stream, we can handle it.

  • How does support work?

    Substrakt provides free business hours product support, support tickets can be logged via our Freshdesk help portal. Out of hours support, or tickets requiring development time, are chargeable.

  • What about analytics?

    We’ll implement Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics so you can track, manage, and optimize your service for your audience.